Get the Help You Need

Journey with Jesus into Your Heart

Ever wanted to get unstuck from your past pain, shame and blame?  I facilitate that journey as your life coach.  It's a journey to meet  your true self, unhindered by all those situations that got you down in life.  I connect you to your heart so you can MEND, HEAL and RECOVER from the life you've lived. 


Sometimes you need a bit of help.  Like a surgeon who helps stitch up your wounds, I help give you an outsider's perspective into the process of your healing journey. 


But healing goes beyond the surface.  We dive down deep into your past to heal your heart from the inside out.  With time, your life will begin to look different.


When you choose to step out of the pit of pain, you little by little step into freedom of becoming...of becoming the best version of yourself. And maybe even awakening your dreams again. Your full recovery looks like you showing up in life as the best (and truest) version of yourself.  

As your coach, I can help you get there.