Hey, Babe!

I'm Sara

I'm just your run of the mill Southern girl who grew up thinking there was something fundamentally wrong with me. 

(Yeah, that didn't work so well for me in perfection-driven Southern culture)

But now, I see things differently

I spent the first 30 years of my life in hiding

(That’s way too long!)

I hid from myself, really disconnected from the depth of emotions God had given me.  Remember, I thought I was broken? 

Yeah. Broken things are pushed away and hidden.  They shouldn't be seen. At least, that's what little Sara believed. 

Now process is my favorite 7 letter word

It sounds strange to me now, but I spent my entire life believing everyone could be in process BUT ME.  I had to have everything together, perfectly. But that was super hard for little Sara to do.  Over the course of my life, I went through some unexplainably traumatic situations.  So I made sense of it by taking on the blame of brokenness. 

I’ve finally learned to embrace my imperfections

In 2017, I suffered some tragic loss that forcibly began my healing  journey. Alone and isolated, I began to see my true self for the first time and let God see me, too.  Shockingly, He wasn't scared of my  brokenness. In fact, I didn't feel so broken next to Him anymore. So I gave myself some compassion, unraveled, and embraced my imperfections.

My life used to be a rollercoaster, curlycue looking mess of ups and downs seeking love & connection

Even through it all, I was kinda cute, right? 

Yet I yearned for something real but didn't  know how to find it. I was afraid to show up and afraid to connect. 

Not any more! 

Now I choose to daily show up in all my relationships, helping others discover that meeting God in pain and showing up in the mess is the only way to live…

We can do this together, babe!

MEND. HEAL. RECOVER. Let's connect.

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